More than simply safety door protection

More than simply safety door protection

A revised design, new and expanded functions, as well as a modular layout – the new MGB2 Modular is more than simply safety door protection. Thanks to its modular design, you can flexibly adapt the MGB2 Modular to suit your requirements for the safety door. Two sub-modules allow you to integrate up to six different controls into the locking module.

Replacement during operation is possible at any time, as the MGB2 Modular is hot pluggable. If space is limited, you can simply mount the compact bus module MBM with PROFINET/PROFISAFE separately in a suitable place.

Up to six MGB2 Modular locking modules can be connected to one bus module (MBM) with such remote mounting.

Expansion module MCM – even more space for functions

The expansion module MCM can considerably expand the functionality of the Multifunctional Gate Box MGB2 Modular. Four additional sub-modules are available if you require more than the maximum of six controls in the locking module MGB2 Modular or if you need to include labeling. Simply insert these sub-modules into the expansion module MCM.

You can connect the MCM either to a bus module or to a locking module. Alternatively, you can connect the expansion module MCM directly to the control system as well.


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