Protection in compliance with standards your machine

For the application of the relevant standards and laws for the protection of machinery and systems, we offer information that will help you during implementation.

Questions and Answers on EN ISO 14119


The new guideline provides an aid to the application of the EN ISO 14119. Following a flow chart the procedure for the selection of a suitable interlocking or guard locking device is shown. Using questions and answers as well as examples the content of the standard will be explained for each step in detail.



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Fragen und Antworten zur EN ISO 14119 124477 04-09/16 3.5 MB
Questions and answers on EN ISO 14119 124892 04-09/16 3.5 MB
Questions et réponses sur la norme EN ISO 14119:2013 124893 04-09/16 3.5 MB
Preguntas y respuestas sobre EN ISO 14119 124894 04-09/16 3.5 MB
Domande e risposte sulla EN ISO 14119:2013 126605 04-09/16 3.5 MB
Perguntas e respostas referentes à EN ISO 14119:2013 124895 04-09/16 3.5 MB
 Questions and answers on EN ISO 14119 156341 04-09/16    3.5 MB

Proven Systems – Proven Safe

Even familiar, proven safety technology is still safe and usable according to the new standards. We show you how to do so straightforwardly!




IFA report

Functional safety of machine controls – application of EN ISO 13849

This report describes the essential subject matter of the standard and explains its application based on numerous examples from a range of areas. Published by DGUV. .

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DGUV information 203-079

The new brochure DGUV 203-079 deals with the issue of selection and placement of interlocks. It provides information and suggestions for standard-compliant implementation. Target group of the brochure are designers and manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

Description Doc. no. Version Language Download
DGUV Information 203-079 - 12/2015 1.8 MB


Safety of machinery

Are you a machine manufacturer, system integrator or do you convert machinery?
What you must take into account in the future in relation to functional safety – Notes on the application of standards EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1. Published by ZVEI.

Description Doc. no. Version Language Download
ZVEI - Sicherheit von Maschinen 2012 - 2012 1.9 MB
ZVEI - Safety of Machinery 2012 - 2012 1.9 MB
ZVEI - Sécurité des Machines 2012 - 2012 2.2 MB
ZVEI - Seguridad de las máquinas 2012 - 2012 2.1 MB
ZVEI - Sicurezza delle Macchine 2012 - 2012 1.8 MB

Software assistant SISTEMA

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