EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

CEM-M2-C60-PZ-SE-165746 (Order no. 165746)

Variable magnetic guard locking device CEM-C60 with permanent magnet, plug connector on right

  • Magnetic guard locking for process protection
  • Guard locking solenoid with locking force of 650 N
  • Function expansion for safety switch CES-C04 / CES-C07
  • Flexibility through a large selection of safety switches
  • Maximum safety level PL e / category 4 for detection of the door position
  • Transponder coding enables high level of protection against tampering
  • Simple connection of the solenoid using M12 plug connector, 5-pin
  • Yellow LED to indicate voltage at the solenoid
  • Nickel-plated solenoid surface with high corrosion resistance
  • Integrated permanent magnet, 30 N adhesive force
CEM-M2-C60-PZ-SE-165746 (Order no. 165746)


Approach direction


Guard locking type


Guard locking actuated by energy ON and released by energy OFF.

Combinations (illustration shows guard locking solenoid with plug connector on the left)

Guard locking solenoidSafety switchActuatorApplication

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Wiring drawing
Wiring drawing
Wiring drawing
Wiring drawing

Dimension drawings

Dimension drawings
1Permanent magnet
2With the installation orientation shown: cable outlet on left or right

Connection examples

Connection examples

Connection examples

Connection examples

Technical data


EAC_RU C-DE.MO05.B.00971/20

Work area

Center offset
Solenoid -2.5 ... +2.5 mm
Transponder detection (typical value at room temperature) -10 ... +10 mm

Electrical connection ratings

Power consumption 2.4 W
Current consumption 100 mA
Operating voltage DC
UCM 24 V DC -15% ... +10%
Solenoid duty cycle 100 %

Mechanical values and environment

Connection M12, 5-pin – RIGHT
Degree of protection IP65/IP67
Solenoid Steel, nickel plated
Housing Aluminum
Mechanical life
in case of use as door stop, and 1 Joule impact energy 1 x 10⁶
Installation orientation any
Adhesive force
by permanent magnet 30 N 0 ... +15
Ambient temperature -25 ... +50 °C
Locking force F
(not monitored, in axial direction) at UCM=24 V 650 N
Guard locking principle Open-circuit current principle

In combination with safety switch CES-I-BP-M-C07-SB-160076, CES-I-BP-U-C07-SB-160080, CES-I-BR-U-C07-SA-157920, CES-I-BP-M-C07-SI-162813, CES-I-BP-U-C07-SI-162815, CES-I-BR-M-C07-SA-156233, CES-I-BR-S-C07-SA-165914

Assured operating distances sao
with center offset m=0 min. 2 mm
Assured release distance sar max. 17 mm

In combination with safety switch CES-I-AP-U-C04-USI-115150, CES-I-AP-U-C04-SK-115324, CES-I-AP-U-C04-USB-116502, CES-I-AP-U-C04-U05-116503, CES-I-AP-U-C04-U10-116504, CES-I-AP-U-C04-U20-116505, CES-I-AP-M-C04-USI-117323, CES-I-AP-M-C04-USB-117324, CES-I-AP-M-C04-SK-117325, CES-I-AP-M-C04-U05-117328, CES-I-AP-M-C04-U10-117329, CES-I-AP-M-C04-U20-117330, CES-I-AR-U-C04-SG-119469, CES-I-AR-U-C04-U05-119470, CES-I-AR-U-C04-U10-119471, CES-I-AR-U-C04-U20-119472, CES-I-AR-U-C04-USA-119473, CES-I-AR-M-C04-SG-119474, CES-I-AR-M-C04-U05-119475, CES-I-AR-M-C04-U10-119476, CES-I-AR-M-C04-U20-119477, CES-I-AR-M-C04-USA-119479, CES-I-AP-M-C04-USI-160832, CES-I-AR-F-C04-SG-161679, CES-I-AP-M-C04-USI-162592

Assured operating distances sao
with center offset m=0 min. 5 mm
Assured release distance sar max. 40 mm



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Ordering data

Ordernumber 165746
Item designation CEM-M2-C60-PZ-SE-165746
Gross weight 0,505kg
Customs tariff number 85389099

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