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EUCHNER – More than safety.
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Safety specialist EUCHNER’s testing station is a success

EUCHNER, a medium-sized company based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, was one of the first in the region to set up a coronavirus testing station for its employees. Interim results after three weeks have been gratifying for the safety engineering specialist. Testing is in high demand, and all tests have been negative so far.

With help from the Rats-Apotheke pharmacy in town, EUCHNER has set up a testing station quickly and with minimal bureaucracy. “The testing station was in place on our site one week after we began discussing the project,” says Personnel Manager Andreas Weisbeck. Expert staff from the pharmacy tested a total of 100 employees during the first week, and this number grew to 140 in week two. Contracted employees are expressly invited to be tested as well. 185 employees took rapid coronavirus tests this Wednesday, and it’s pleasing to note that all of these tests were negative as well.

This initiative demonstrates that companies are aware of and determined to meet their responsibility to society. “Our employees are doing a great job getting tested. Weekly testing is particularly important for our production employees, who can’t work from home, as it helps them feel safe at work,” says Weisbeck.

We need less bureaucracy and more entrepreneurial action

EUCHNER is critical of the German federal government’s resolution enacting a statutory testing requirement for companies. Managing Partner Stefan Euchner knows what he thinks about this resolution. “The last thing we need now is even more bureaucracy and paternalism. Companies setting up testing stations at their own initiative is the best proof that responsible entrepreneurial action is an effective way to detect and curtail coronavirus infections,” says Euchner, stressing that all responsible companies are taking the pandemic seriously.


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