EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Handle modules MGB2-H

  • Intelligent bolt tongue with transponder
  • Fold-out lockout mechanism
  • Second automatically extending lockout mechanism optional
  • Silver-colored door handle or door knob
Handle modules MGB2-H

Bolt tongue

The bolt tongue is safely detected by a transponder as soon as it is inserted into the evaluation module.

Lockout mechanism (automatically extending and fold-out)

The bolt tongue can be locked with max. 3 padlocks using the fold-out lockout mechanism for cleaning and service on the machine. In this way the operation of the handle is prevented in the locked state. Additionally, the optional lockout mechanism that extends automatically on the actuation of the handle can be used for 3 more padlocks.

Door handle

The MGB2 has a robust door handle that can be rotated in 90° steps to suit all installations. The actuating direction can be changed very easily for doors hinged on the left or right.

Door knob

As an alternative to the door handle, the handle module can also be equipped or retrofitted with a door knob.

Lockable from the inside

Handle modules with this function can be returned to the closed position from inside the installation using an escape release.

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