EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Safety relay ESM

  • Can be used up to category 4, PL e
  • A large number of options with only a few different module types
  • Various voltage ranges
  • Time-delayed and non-time-delayed
Safety relay ESM

The ESM modular system

The modules in this series are typically built into a housing that is only 22.5 mm wide. Various safety relays are available to which expansion modules can be added on the output side. The advantage of the ESM modular principle is that different safety evaluations can be implemented with only a few module variants.
The safety relays can be operated with various types of starting. The devices can be started manually or automatically using suitable wiring. The manual start can also monitor the Start button.
Using suitable wiring, it is also possible to integrate a feedback loop such that safety-related parts of a downstream machine or installation can also be monitored. In the ESM series, the majority of the devices are available with a variety of input voltage ranges.

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