EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Read heads CET-AX


  • Read head with guard locking and guard lock monitoring
  • Up to category 4
  • High locking forces up to 6,500 N
  • Integrated transponder coding
  • Metal housing

Design and principle of operation

With the read head CET-AX, EUCHNER provides monitored guard locking based on non-contact transponder technology. This means that the switch can also be used on systems with overtraveling machine movements for personnel protection.
When closing the guard (hinged or sliding door), the spring-loaded transponder in the actuator is inserted into the recess on the read head.
The read head detects the closed guard in its guard locked position. The CES evaluation electronics enables the safety circuit when the guard is locked.
When the moving parts of the machine come to a standstill, the solenoid integrated into the read head can be activated by a safe standstill monitor or by a timer relay. The solenoid’s plunger then raises the spring-loaded transponder, which allows the guard to be opened.
Read heads CET-AX

Use of the read head even in extremely harsh environments

Due to the extremely robust metal housing, the switch is suitable for the harshest ambient conditions and when guard locked achieves a locking force of 6,500 N – a characteristic that is advantageous particularly for heavy doors.
With the guard closed, the CET-AX provides around ± 5 mm of freedom of movement in all 3 directions (x, y, z direction) – even if the safety door drops over time, it will not be necessary to readjust the actuator.
The insertion ramp can be rotated in 90° steps. As a result, the switch is suitable for doors hinged on the right and left.

Different versions

Along with the standard version with a single ramp, there is also the CET-AX with a double ramp that is perfectly suited to swing doors and rotary tables. That is, wherever the approach is from two sides and where the read head must also be “passed over.”
As an option, EUCHNER also offers versions with escape release. This feature enables people locked in to open the locked guard from the inside in an emergency.
The range is supplemented by versions with different plug variants and freely configurable LED control.

Your advantages

  • Robust die-cast housing for harsh environments
  • Suitable for heavy doors
  • High level of protection against tampering
  • Actuator with high freedom of movement
  • No precise door adjustment necessary
  • Little wiring work
  • High degree of protection IP67 Suitable for the highest safety requirements

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