EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Safety switch CET-AR

Your advantages

  • Safety switch with guard locking and safe guard lock monitoring
  • Integrated CES-AR electronics
  • A special evaluation unit is not required
  • Series connection of up 20 devices (CES-AR, CET-AR, MGB-AR,…) in an AR switch chain is possible
  • Safety category 4 and PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 in any installation orientation, head downward/upward/horizontal
  • Two safe semiconductor outputs and monitoring output OUT
  • Safety outputs with pulsing
  • Input (optional) for the connection of feedback loop and start button

Design and principle of operation

The CET-AR-… forms a complete safety solution (PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1). Depending on version, a start button and feedback loop can be connected. As a result, the CET-AR-… includes everything that is necessary to secure a guard. It could not be easier!
Safety switch CET-AR

Connection to safe control systems or safety relays

Do not use a control system or safety relay with pulsing for monitoring short circuits or switch off the pulsing function in these devices. The switch generates its own clock signals on the output lines OA/OB. A downstream device must tolerate these test pulses, which may have a length of up to 1 ms. The inputs on the downstream device must be suitable for positive-switching devices (pnp outputs), as the two outputs on the safety switch deliver a level of +24 V in the switched-on state.

OUT output

The semiconductor output OUT is switched when the guard is closed (actuator in the actuating range). It must not be used for safety functions. The OUT outputs on the individual switches can, however, not be polled if connected in series using a Y-distributor. Evaluation is possible only on parallel wiring to the control cabinet.

RST input

The switches in a chain in a fault state can be reset using the RST input. To do this, a voltage of 24 V is applied to the RST input for at least 3 seconds. It is not necessary to disconnect the power supply to reset a fault.

Use as individual switch or switch chain

The safety switch CET-AR can be operated as a compact individual switch or in a switch chain with max. 20 devices.
If a single CET-AR is used, connect the switch as shown in figure above. The OUT output can also be connected here to a control system as a monitoring output.
The switches are connected in series using plug connectors and Y-distributors. The first switch in the chain must always be fitted with a strapping plug. If a safety door is opened or if a fault occurs on one of the switches, the system shuts down the machine. A higher-level control system can, however, not detect which safety door is open or on which switch a fault has occurred. A special AR evaluation unit is required.

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