EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Variable magnetic guard locking CEM-C60

Your advantages

  • 650 N electromagnetic guard locking force for process protection
  • Numerous combination options with a large selection of switch variants
  • Function expansion for safety switches of series CES-C04 / CES-C07
  • Maximum safety level PL e / category 4 for safe detection of the door position

Design and principle of operation

EUCHNER is offering the CEM-C60 as a new, modular design to supplement the proven CEM guard locking devices for process protection. The modular design gives you greater flexibility in choosing your safety switch and even more freedom in selecting a suitable connection variant. The CEM-C60 consists of only a guard locking solenoid at first. You pick the safety switch for it. The required switch is mounted on the CEM-C60, and it safely detects the door position. This allows straightforward conversion of the safety switch CES-C04 or CES-C07 to provide guard locking for process protection. The guard locking solenoid prevents the safety door from being opened unintentionally. Even when the solenoid is switched off, an integrated permanent magnet (if available) keeps the door closed with an adhesive force of 30N. An actuator forms the counterpart to the guard locking solenoid and safety switch. It consists of an anchor plate with a transponder. The spring-mounted actuator can be deflected up to an angle of ±4°. This allows it to adapt itself to the CEM guard locking solenoid’s surface when the door is closed – even if the door should drift slightly out of adjustment over time. The CEM-C60 is mounting compatible with the CEM read heads long established on the market.
Variable magnetic guard locking CEM-C60

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