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Support and consultation through to the EC declaration of conformity

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC defines a uniform protection Level for accident prevention on machinery and partly completed machinery. At the end of the conformity assessment process, the machine manufacturer declares conformity with the harmonized standards applicable to its machine, and assumes responsibility for its product complying with legal guidelines. The manufacturer can then provide its product with the CE marking and put it on the market. This CE process consists of several individual steps, each of which is supported by the experts from EUCHNER. Each step requires a well-founded understanding of the applicable regulations and long-standing experience in dealing with machines and machine installations.

The harmonized standards applicable to the machine are determined in the first step. A risk assessment is then performed to identify and evaluate all hazards posed by the machine and to propose risk reduction measures. The safety concept is subsequently elaborated in detail and then verified using the SISTEMA process. Next, the machine’s safety system is function tested and validated. Documentation is the last step: the operating instructions are reviewed, the machine documentation is checked and completed, a final report is produced, followed by preparation of the declaration of conformity.

Advantages for the customer

  • Independent, experienced experts help navigate through complex rules and regulations
  • The standardized approach for each individual step guarantees high productivity for all safety inspections
  • All evaluations are performed using the latest versions of applicable regulations and Standards

Services for the customer

We accompany the CE process from researching the standards through to the declaration of conformity and CE marking. We begin our cooperation by reviewing the existing documents and estimating the expenditure for the consultation project before offering our overall services.



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