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Safety engineering assessment

Operating organizations are often faced with the question of whether their machines or production facilities still meet the current safety requirements. As independent service providers, we
conduct a targeted safety assessment to determine whether your machine is in a condition to provide sufficient protection for your employees, and thereby complies with applicable laws.

We identify the key danger zones on the machine or installation and define appropriate risk reduction measures. The condition and functionality of existing safeguards and safety systems and
their integration into the control concept can be checked as needed.

Our independent safety specialists inspect your machine or installation. We can help you design your machine to be used as safely as possible in accordance with the latest state of the art.

Benefits for you

  • Professional integration of suitable safety measures saves you valuable time and money.
  • Our independent, experienced employees always base their safety assessments on the highest quality standards and the latest state of the art.
  • You benefit from a partner that works closely with you while keeping the productivity of your processes in mind during all assessment phases.
  • Manufacturer-independent assessment of the machine’s current safety level.

Our services 

  • Agreement on the type and scope of the safety assessment.
  • Analysis of the machine or installation by a machinery safety expert.
  • Documentation of the hazards found on the machine.
  • Suggestions for eliminating possible causes of risk.
  • Wiring diagram inspection to determine whether the existing safety function complies with the latest state of the art.
  • Plant assessment – initial safety inspection tour of production facilities.



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Technical support
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