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Electronic-Key adapter EKS Light compact

Electronic-Key-System EKS Light

EKS Light is optimized for quick, straightforward integration into a control system environment. For this purpose, the Electronic-Key has a pre-defined data structure that is evaluated directly by the read-only station.

With EKS Light you therefore procure not just the EKS hardware, but an integrated solution for managing user groups (who is allowed to access what?) and access levels (what is the user allowed to do?).

For this purpose, the data structure on the Electronic-Key and the evaluation electronics in the read-only station form a closed system with user group identification and up to 16 access levels that can be used directly for a suitable application.

The complete evaluation logic for Electronic-Key detection is already integrated into the device and therefore does not need to be programmed into a control system. The device first determines whether the Electronic-Key read is valid and access to the machine is allowed. If this is the case, the access level is determined and transferred to the control system via the 4-bit parallel interface. The authorization for a specific machine function must be assigned in the control system for each access level detected; the machine function is enabled in this way.

Benefits for you

  • Secure, controlled access to your processes
  • Automatic logging on and logging off by positioning the Electronic-Key
  • Variety of possible applications in all sectors due to industrial housing
  • Straightforward integration due to 4-bit parallel interface
  • Increased product quality due to controlled manufacture
  • Increased reliability of your systems and as a result lower production costs

Compact design

For the compact design, the Electronic-Key adapter and the electronics are mounted in one housing. The Electronic-Key is inserted into the Electronic-Key adapter and is held in place by a spring clip.

  • Electronic-Key adapter and electronics in one housing
  • Very reliable retention of the Electronic-Key, even if there is heavy vibration
  • Robust housing for use in harsh environments
Electronic-Key adapter EKS Light compact

The Electronic-Key-System EKS is a transponder-based read/write system for industrial use. It is used primarily for electronic access control and access management as an alternative to the normal, password-based systems. Due to the combination of Electronic-Key and information memory, however, it offers much more than just a password replacement. As an open, freely configurable system with various data interfaces, EKS is of very universal application.

For operation, the Electronic-Key is placed into the Electronic-Key adapter. The data are transferred between the Electronic-Key adapter and the read/write station without using any contacts. In a further step, the data are transferred to a control system. The owner of the Electronic-Key is identified and the user rights are transferred during this process, for example. Depending on the EKS system, further information can be saved on the Electronic-Key and transferred. These data can, e.g., be used to control specific functions or contain encrypted process parameters for a system.

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