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RIEGEL CES-A-A (Rend. sz. 076487)

Bolt CES-A-A

  • Steel bolt
  • In combination with read head CES-A-LNA...
  • For doors hinged on the left or right
  • Ball detent mechanism in closed position
  • Can be locked in open position with padlocks
  • Actuator included
RIEGEL CES-A-A (Rend. sz. 076487)



  • Robust construction
  • Easily fitted to standard aluminum profiles and machine covers by screw connection
  • Distinctive yellow color for easy recognition
  • Symmetrical design for doors hinged on the right or left
  • No additional door handle necessary

Special features

  • Easy mounting of the read head on the bracket for the bolt tongue
  • Protective plate included
  • Highly coded actuator (unicode) – maximum protection against tampering
  • Ball detent mechanism in closed bolt position- protection against vibration


  • CES actuator integrated in the bolt tongue
  • Order read head and evaluation unit separately
  • Other bolt types (e.g. with mechanical detent mechanism in closed bolt position) on request
  • Closed position: ball detent mechanism
  • Open position: none
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing
1for M6 screw (both sides)
2Screw M6 included
3detent mechanism against accidental opening (vibration)
4Safety guard frame (40x40)
5Door hinged on the right
6Door hinged on the left
7On the usage of the evaluation unit CES-A-AEA-04B, CES-A-AEA-02B, CES-A-ABA-01B, CES-AZ-AES..., CES-AZ-UES... the read head is mounted without an intermediate plate.
8On the usage of the evaluation unit CES-A-ABA-01 the read head is mounted with an intermediate plate.

Műszaki adatok

Mechanikai értékek és környezet

Handle Plastic
Base plate Galvanized steel
Guide strips Plastic
Switch bracket Steel powder-coated
Net 1,75 kg
Escape release No
Number of safety switches that can be fitted 1


Detent mechanism closed position Ball detent mechanism

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Műszaki támogatás
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