EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

EKS-A-K1RDWT32-EU (Rend. sz. 077859)

Electronic-Key read/write

  • Memory 116 bytes E²PROM (programmable) plus 8 bytes ROM (serial number)
EKS-A-K1RDWT32-EU (Rend. sz. 077859)


Special features

  • The Electronic-Key contains a unique 8-byte serial number. This number is written by laser during the Electronic-Key production process and is stored absolutely indestructibly. The serial number is used for secure distinction of every single Electronic-Key.
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing

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Zulassung EAC

Mechanikai értékek és környezet

Housing material
Housing ABS, red
Ambient temperature -20 ... 60 °C
Degree of protection IP65/IP67

Elektromos csatlakoztatási értékek

Power supply inductive via Electronic-Key adapter
Length of serial number 8 B Serial number read only
Number of read cycles max.unbegrenzt
Number of write cycles max.100000
Storage capacity 116 B Read / write
Data retention time max.10 y At +55°C

Műszaki támogatás

Műszaki támogatás
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