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EUCHNER – More than safety.

RGBF02D12-502AM-M (Rend. sz. 082325)

Series RGBF...AM 12 mm mechanical

  • With exterior diaphragm
  • Plunger spacing 12 mm
  • Upright housing according to DIN 43697
  • Degree of protection IP67 according to IEC 60529
RGBF02D12-502AM-M (Rend. sz. 082325)


Exterior diaphragm

The exterior diaphragm protects the plunger guide against the entry of very fine dust (dust from grinding, casting, glass, etc.) and prevents the plunger from seizing. At the same time, plunger sticking, caused by resinous lubricating coolants, can be prevented with this exterior diaphragm version.

Switching element

ES 502 ESnap-action switching contact 1 NC + 1 NO
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram

Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing
1Operating point
2Free position
3Groove for sealing ring
4Number of plungers

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram

Műszaki adatok


Zulassung EAC

Mechanikai értékek és környezet

Design Upright, according to DIN 43697
Housing material
Housing Die-cast aluminum, anodized
Net 0,85 kg
Ambient temperature -5 ... 80 °C
Degree of protection IP67
Mechanical life 30 x 106
Contact material Silver alloy, gold flashed
Switching principle Snap-action switching contact (Contact closing time < 4 ms contact bounce time < 3 ms)
Plunger spacing 12 mm
Installation orientation Any
Number of switching elements 2
Number of NC contacts 2
Number of NO contacts 2
4 x M25 x 1.5
Approach speed 0,01 ... 20 m/min
Actuating element Chisel plunger (Operating point accuracy ± 0.002. The reproducible switching point accuracy refers to the axial travel of the plunger after the switching element ES 502 E has been run-in with approx. 2000 operating cycles.)
Actuating force min.20 N

Elektromos csatlakoztatási értékek

Thermal rated current Ith 8 A
Utilization category acc. to EN 60947-5-1
AC-15 6A 230V
DC-13 6A 24V
AC-12 8 A, 250 V
Short circuit protection according to IEC 60269-1 8A gG
Rated insulation voltage Ui 250 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 2,5 kV
Switching current
Min. at DC 12V min.10 mA
Connection cross-section 0,34 ... 1,5 mm²


Additional feature (Exterior diaphragm = AM. The exterior diaphragm provides additional protection to the plunger guide. Plunger sticking, primarily caused by resinous lubricating coolants, can be prevented by this exterior diaphragm version.)

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Műszaki támogatás
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