EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

ES-XN4E-BL412MFRH (Rend. sz. 105015)

Emergency stop ES-XN, built-in devices, 30 mm

  • Button head, red, 44 mm ø
  • Contact block monitoring
  • Can be locked using padlock
  • Reset by turning
ES-XN4E-BL412MFRH (Rend. sz. 105015)


Switching element

  • 2 NC + 1 NO
Function drawing
Function drawing
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Function drawings

Function drawings

Dimension drawings

Dimension drawings
1Control panel thickness
2Opening for padlock
4Screw ring
5Control panel cut-out

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EAC_RU C-DE.MO05.B.00971/20TUEV Süd München_B 040393 0043UL_us_E326576c_UL_us_E93776_16

Electrical connection ratings

Rated insulation voltage Ui 250 V
Switching current
min. at 24 V 10 mA
Utilization category
AC-15 Normally closed contact 1.5 A 250 V
DC-14 Normally open contact 0.3 A 250 V
DC-13 Normally closed contact 1A 30V
rated thermal current Ith 1 A

Mechanical values and environment

Number of NO contacts 1
Number of positively driven contacts 2
Connection Screw terminal
Degree of protection IP20
Contact Silver alloy, gold flashed
Housing Polycarbonate
Pushbutton reinforced thermoplastic
Mechanical life 0.25 x 10⁶
Mounting type IEC 947-5-1 D30
Ambient temperature -25 ... +60 °C

Reliability values acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

B10D 0.1 x 10⁶


Additional feature
Button head Ø 44 mm
Can be locked using padlock
Reset by turning
Contact block monitoring
Bottom part yellow
Actuating button red


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Ordering data

Rend. sz. 105015
Articlename ES-XN4E-BL412MFRH
Weight 0,064kg
Customsclass 85365019
ECLASS 27-37-12-44 NOT-AUS-Taster, Komplettgerät

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