EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

AM-C-SW5-V3-161348 (Rend. sz. 161348)

Efficient protection against tampering for safety switch mounting

  • Plastic inserts for hexagon socket screws a/f 5
  • Efficient protection against tampering for safety switch mounting
  • The packaging includes inserts for 18 screws
AM-C-SW5-V3-161348 (Rend. sz. 161348)


Use of the plastic inserts

  • M6 screws can be used to mount the EUCHNER safety switch with guard locking (CET, CEM-C40, CTP...) on the machine. After the safety switch is mounted, a plastic insert can be inserted into the screw head drive of hexagon socket screws.
  • This makes it difficult to unscrew the hexagon socket screw using a screw wrench. This therefore provides efficient protection against tampering with the safety switch.
  • Suitable screw types (hexagon socket screw): DIN 912, ISO 4762, DIN 6912, ISO 7380-1 / 7380-2, DIN 7984, ISO 10642
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Dimension drawings

Dimension drawings

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Mechanical values and environment

Material Plastic


Additional information AF5


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Rend. sz. 161348
Articlename AM-C-SW5-V3-161348
Weight 0,007kg
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