EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Locking modules MGB2-L.-MLI

  • Guard locking for protection of persons or processes
  • Two slots for submodules
  • Door hinge can be adjusted to right/left
  • Category 4/PL e for the evaluation of all safety functions
  • Compatible with all Modular devices
Locking modules MGB2-L.-MLI

Locking module MGB2 – guard locking for protection of persons and processes

The MGB2 Modular locking module is available in different versions for process protection guard locking or personnel protection guard locking. It can be mounted on doors hinged on the left or right, and on sliding doors. Together with a handle module, safety doors can be used as movable guards with an interlocking device, with or without guard locking according to EN ISO 14119. There is space for up to two submodules MSM. In this way, a very wide range of control elements from emergency stop, through pushbuttons, to a key-operated rotary switch can be added such that a complete control terminal can be created on the door. And if that is not enough, there is the expansion module MCM. The MGB2 locking module is connected to an MBM bus module using an M12 connection. This collects all data and communicates with the control system via a fieldbus.

Guard locking types

L1 closed-circuit current principle
  • Guard locking by spring force.
  • Release by applying voltage to the guard locking solenoid.

L2 open-circuit current principle
  • Guard locking by solenoid force.
  • Activation of guard locking by applying voltage to the guard locking solenoid.

Door hinge

On the locking modules, the door stop can be changed from right to left and vice versa at any time with little effort.

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