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EKS-A-AIX-G18 (Rend. sz. 122352)

Interface adapter EKS PROFINET modular

  • Interface adapter with PROFINET IO interface
  • Read/write system
  • Use in conjunction with Electronic-Key adapter FHM
  • A complete read/write station comprises an Electronic-Key adapter FHM and a modular interface adapter
  • Transfers the data from the Electronic-Key to a control system for processing
  • Connection to PLC
  • PROFINET protocol, cyclic data transfer to control system
  • Interfacing via GSDML file
  • Various options for address assignment, also using DIP switches
  • IMPORTANT: The plug-in connection terminals are not included with the interface adapter and must be ordered separately.
EKS-A-AIX-G18 (Rend. sz. 122352)


Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Block diagram
Block diagram

Dimension drawings

Dimension drawings

Connection examples

Connection examples

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c_UL_us_E240367_X1/A1ProfiNET_Z10134EAC_RU C-DE.HX37.B.14157/20c_UL_us_E240367_X1/A1

Controls and indicators

LED indicator
Read head operational / green
Profinet System error / red
Read head Fault / red
Read head Electronic-Key in the actuating range / yellow
Profinet Bus error / red
Profinet active / green

Electrical connection ratings

Connection cross-section
Operating voltage, screw terminal, 2x2-pin 0.2 ... 2.5 mm²
Electronic-Key adapter, screw terminal 5-pin 0.2 ... 1.5 mm²
Current consumption
without load max. 150 mA
Operating voltage DC 20 ... 24 ... 28 V DC
PROFINET interface
Connecting cable min. 2x2 twisted pair copper cable shielded, min. cat. 5

Mechanical values and environment

Housing PA6.6, gray
Mounting type Mounting rail 35 mm according to DIN EN 60715 TH35
Ambient temperature 0 ... +55 °C
PROFINET interface
RJ-45 socket
star topology wiring

Interface, bus

PROFINET interface
Data protocol PROFINET
Date interface Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)



Complete package

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  • The operating instructions and any additions to the operating instructions or brief instructions
  • Any data sheets to supplement the operating instructions
  • The declaration of conformity
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