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Supplier Code of Conduct
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Supplier Code of Conduct

Version: January 2021


EUCHNER and all companies with management directly or indirectly subordinate to EUCHNER (collectively referred to as “EUCHNER” below) have committed themselves to honesty and integrity in all business processes involving employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other parties.

EUCHNER obliges all of its suppliers to uphold the principles of fairness, honesty, sustainability and responsibility (referred to as “Code of Conduct” below) in all business activities.


This Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers, consultants, sellers, brokers, merchants, dealers, contractual partners, agents and other product and service providers that cooperate with EUCHNER around the world (referred to as “suppliers” below). EUCHNER intends the Supplier Code of Conduct to be valid for an indefinite period of time but reserves the right to modify or cancel this guideline at any time and in any way, for good cause or without cause.

Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct

The supplier recognizes and agrees to comply with the Code of Conduct as a key element of the business relationship between the supplier and EUCHNER.


The supplier follows the guidelines below:

1. Supply chain sustainability

Ethical conduct and sustainability in terms of legal, economic and social responsibility are core values at EUCHNER. These values also include trusting, long-term partnerships and lawful conduct on the part of the suppliers. EUCHNER procures raw materials, products and services from suppliers in order to secure lasting success for itself and its customers with its products. The sustainability guideline applies to all suppliers around the world. EUCHNER expects its suppliers to implement the principles set out in this Code of Conduct in their companies. Suppliers are responsible for checking compliance with the principles listed below in their own supply chains. The principles listed in the sustainability guideline are based on the content of the following conventions and standards:

  • United Nations (UN) Global Compact principles
  • International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Business Charter for Sustainable Development
  • SA8000 (standard for socially responsible corporate governance)

2. Business ethics

  1. Compliance with legal regulations
    We expect our suppliers to comply with the applicable legal regulations, respect human rights and, in particular, preserve human dignity.
  2. Ban on corruption
    EUCHNER does not tolerate any form of corruption, such as bribery or the granting or acceptance of unlawful benefits, on the part of its suppliers. In particular, we prohibit giving gratuities (active bribery, granting of benefits) or accepting them (passive bribery, acceptance of benefits) with the aim of gaining an unlawful advantage.
  3. Fair competition
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to comply with national and international laws to protect fair competition. These include provisions concerning unfair competition and antitrust laws. Agreements with competitors about prices, terms and conditions of sale, quantity limits, division of territories or bids on public invitations to tender are strictly prohibited.
  4. Intellectual property
    The suppliers protect EUCHNER’s intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, and respect the intellectual property of others. In particular, the suppliers ensure that products delivered to EUCHNER do not violate third-party intellectual property rights.
  5. Product safety
    Products and services from EUCHNER and products procured from its suppliers do not pose a hazard to people or the environment and meet the agreed or legally prescribed product safety standards. The suppliers are obliged to communicate clear information about the safe use of the products.

3. Observance of human rights

  1. Ban on forced labor or child labor
    We do not tolerate forced labor or child labor at EUCHNER or at our suppliers. The suppliers must comply with the minimum age for admission to employment according to the applicable national regulations. The ILO Core Labor Standards shall apply in the absence of national legal regulations.
  2. Ban on discrimination of any kind
    EUCHNER does not tolerate discrimination and expects its suppliers to forbid any form of discrimination in their organization, be it based on gender, marital status, race, skin color, place of origin or religious affiliation, etc.
  3. Ban on disciplinary sanctions
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to refrain from physically or psychologically punishing its employees in any way. This applies in particular if employees, acting in good faith, report company practices that violate national, international or internal regulations.

4. Working conditions

  1. Occupational safety and health
    Health in the workplace is EUCHNER’s top priority. Suppliers are expected to comply with the occupational safety and health regulations valid at their locations.
  2. Living wages
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to be aware of their social responsibility to their employees and to ensure that employees’ remuneration and working times are fair and appropriate. The supplier grants to its employees the social benefits to which they are legally or contractually entitled.
  3. Working times
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to observe the applicable national working time legislation for their employees.
  4. Freedom of association
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to maintain open, constructive communication with their employees and labor representatives. Employees are entitled to engage in collective bargaining and to organize themselves into labor unions. If labor unions are prohibited in a country for political reasons, the supplier must enable independent associations in another form. Employees working as labor representatives must not be subject to discrimination.

5. Compliance with environmental standards

  1. Environmental legislation
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to comply with the applicable national environmental laws.
  2. Avoidance and reduction of environmental impacts
    EUCHNER expects its suppliers to make efficient use of the required resources, particularly materials, energy and natural resources, and to minimize effects on the environment. This applies to logistics and transportation as well.
  3. Conscientious procurement of raw materials
    EUCHNER’s suppliers support activities to ensure conscientious procurement of raw materials. Raw materials obtained through illegal, ethically objectionable or unreasonable means must not be procured or used. The use of raw materials, such as conflict minerals, that are subject to embargoes or other import restrictions must be ruled out.
  4. Avoidance of hazardous substances
    Substances that pose a hazard to people or the environment if released must be avoided. EUCHNER’s suppliers maintain a hazardous materials management system that ensures safe use, transport, storage, reprocessing, reuse and disposal. Our suppliers practice responsible management of chemicals based on the minimum principle.
  5. Environmentally compatible products
    When developing products and services, EUCHNER’s suppliers take care to ensure that they use energy and natural resources economically. Whenever possible, the products should be suitable for reuse, recycling or safe disposal. Products supplied to EUCHNER contain no substances of concern that fall under the REACH regulation. If necessary, suppliers must report affected substances to EUCHNER in advance. If any materials or purchased parts do not comply with the RoHS specifications, the supplier must find substitutes for them in consultation with EUCHNER.
  6. Sub-suppliers
    EUCHNER’s suppliers are instructed to agree equivalent arrangements with their sub-suppliers.

6. Implementation

  1. Monitoring and burden of proof
    On request, the supplier must correctly and comprehensively disclose all necessary information required for an initial appraisal by carrying out a self-assessment.
    EUCHNER shall be entitled to check the implementation of this Code of Conduct during supplier audits/visits.
  2. Noncompliance
    Violation of the provisions in the aforementioned obligations could result in sanctions up to and including immediate, extraordinary termination of the supplier relationship. Other claims on the part of EUCHNER shall remain unaffected.

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