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EUCHNER – More than safety.
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EUCHNER at SPS Connect 2020

EUCHNER will showcase its latest innovations for Industry 4.0 manufacturing concepts at the SPS Connect trade show. One innovation users, design engineers and integrators will surely appreciate is the customizable MGB2 Modular protection system, featuring a newly developed MCM extension module that integrates the compact MSM submodules via hot plugging. The family-owned company will also premiere its CES-S-C07 non-contact safety switch on the virtual SPS Connect platform. Capable of detecting up to three different positions with perfect reliability, this switch is the ideal choice when it comes to monitoring several positions using a single element in applications such as rotary tables or roll-up doors.

SPS Connect 2020 will present a welcome opportunity for Euchner to intensify its dialog with customers and discuss specific product requirements and the latest industry trends. A major focus will lie on digital solutions based on IoT-compatible components that provide simple access to smart functions thanks to plug-and-play operation, greatly enhancing flexibility and efficiency. For example, the MGB2 Modular protection system enables simple integration of the new MSM submodules into the designated MCM extension module during operation while requiring only minimal configuration effort. At the same time, the readily scalable system provides maximum leeway for design engineers to mount the MCM separately from the MGB locking module and the bus module. Depending on the specific requirements, users can even dispense with the locking module and door handle when implementing the extension module in combination with the bus module.

The CES-S-C07 non-contact safety switch can reliably detect up to three different positions. This is ensured by including an appropriate number of associated, identically coded actuators in a single packaging unit. These can be connected in series via their 8-pin M12 plug connectors. Diagnostic data are provided via IO-Link. The high coding level provided by the identically coded actuators guarantees highly effective protection against tampering. Euchner’s CES-S-C07 is the perfect solution for reliably monitoring several positions using a single safety switch.

Euchner’s compact CTM door locking mechanism is another smart production solution that meets today’s and tomorrow’s Industry 4.0 requirements. And thanks to its smart communication features, connecting the CTM in series with other Euchner devices is a snap. The integrated interface additionally permits connecting an IO-Link Gateway, which forwards the data to a higher control system level.

Experts from Euchner will be available for exclusive live chats and virtual meetings from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 16 to December 4.


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